Frequently Asked Questions about the Early Intervention Core Team Primary Service Provider (PSP) Approach

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Request for Proposals – Quality Assessments: Medication Administration and Health-Related Activities

March 21, 2017
Re: Informal Request for Proposals
Quality Assessments – Medication Administration and Health-Related Activities
The Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DCBDD) is now accepting informal requests for a registered nurse instructor or a registered nurse trainer who will serve as a quality assessment registered nurse to conduct assessments, assist with consultation and quality assessment oversight.

Strategic Plan 2017-2019

At the December 2016 board meeting, DCBDD passed its 2017-2019 strategic plan.

On behalf of more than 2,500 people served by Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities and more than 80 staff members, we present our 2017-2019 strategic plan. This plan was developed by people and families that DCBDD serves, staff members, and community members, with help from Mel Marsh of Acorn Consulting Incorporated who solicited input and feedback from our many stakeholders. Information was collected through various focus groups, surveys, reviews of past board meeting minutes, analysis of financial and enrollment trends, and an evaluation of recent changes at the state level.