DCBDD’s Adult Support Services assist individuals leaving the structure and services of the school system and focus on opportunities for employment, participation in their community, and developing skills to live as independently as possible. Adult support administrators work with individuals to focus on issues of informed consent, guardianship, health and safety skills, and the ability to speak for one’s self. Adult support services also address the needs of adults with disabilities growing older with more healthcare needs to maintain independence and the skills they have developed. Services are voluntary and self-directed. The individual and their support team will develop an individualized support plan (ISP) containing their needed supports.

To find out if you are eligible for services, visit DCBDD’s intake page here.

Locally-funded services could include:

  • Adaptive equipment and home modifications
  • Community access
  • Counseling and behavioral supports
  • Day activity
  • Employment
  • In-home direct care supports
  • Transportation

For questions about Adult Support Services, please contact Cheryl Smart, Adult Support Administration manager at 740.201.5806.