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Conference Details:
Join DCBDD for its first ever, Technology First Conference. Attendees will hear from assistive technology professionals and people who have benefited from assistive technology! Attendees will be able to test out different types of assistive technology and learn about their various capabilities. Use the form below to register for this event.

Technology Vendors:
Safe In Home
Rest Assured
Delaware County District Library

Keynote Speaker: Nathan Vega

Nathan, a career technologist, has been delivering technology and technology services to market for the past 20 years with IBM, Columbus Collaboratory, and Protegrity.  He was a part of the Watson team that created the first-of-a-kind cognitive cloud platform that embedded AI into applications that deliver transformative experiences for consumers and businesses.

He has a passion for new technology, cyber security, and the process of discovering, building, and delivering these technologies to market.  His current role is VP, Global Alliances at Protegrity, a data security firm.

Nathan moved to Powell, OH three years ago with his wife and two boys.  Outside of parenting and working, Nathan spends his five minutes of free time thinking about relaxing at the pool, watching football, and playing video games. Nathan holds an Executive MBA from The Ohio State University and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati.

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