Meet Tristan!

Tristan recently graduated from Delaware Hayes High School on December 15, 2017 and is now a Delaware City Schools employee! He began working in the school system over the summer completing landscaping and custodial work. Tristan is a very determined and fast paced worker. In one afternoon, he collected nearly 10 large bags of walnuts from the grounds at Willis. A true member of our community, Tristan played a major role in clearing the playground at Willis in preparation for the ice skating rink for the December First Friday, one of the city of Delaware’s most beloved events.

Working for Delaware City Schools is Tristan’s first job. When asked how he felt about receiving his first paycheck he said, “happy.” His coworkers are happy to work with Tristan too. “Tristan filled a major need. Willis had limited custodial support. Tristan took care of areas that had been totally neglected,” shared Rhonda, Tristan’s mom.

Not only is Tristan a great worker but he has become a role model. Rhonda has been told many times that Tristan has been a role model for other students who see him working around the school.  “We couldn’t be happier with what happened with Tristan’s transition after high school. It has exceeded my expectations,” Rhonda explained. “We are so grateful to the collaboration between DCBDD, DCS and our family in supporting Tristan’s successful transition.”

When Tristan is not working, you will likely find him being active outside! Tristan enjoys kayaking, watching lacrosse, long hikes, biking and riding wave runners. Last summer, Tristan participated in the summer Letterbox Adventure through Preservation Parks. He has hiked through all of the parks in Delaware County and is working his way through the parks in Franklin County.

“Tristan’s supports were community-based, coordinated and self-determined enabling outcomes in living, learning, working, recreating, and socializing. We are excited about what his future holds,” Rhonda said.

We too, look forward to seeing what Tristan accomplishes next. The sky is the limit!

12 comments on “Meet Tristan!

  1. Congratulations on your huge accomplishments, Tristan! You are most definitely a role model to all who witness your achievements!

  2. Go Tristan! Your family is very proud of you! You are such an inspiration for all young people! Keep up the great work!

  3. Congratulations Tristan and family! This is great news, I love seeing Delaware’s youth succeed. And the positive impact of having good work to do, that benefits both worker and community, that is a win/win we can all appreciate.

  4. Tristan and Rhonda! Congrats to you both. I know it takes a lot of determination and high expectations to achieve employment in a great position!!! So glad for you both and DCS!!

  5. This is wonderful for the family, for the community, for the school, and for Tristan. We need mentors, leaders in all areas. Congratulations to all in a successful education leading to employment.